Ham and a Burger and Fries- KN4IFK by Larry Andersen

Ham and a Burger With Fries

A Burger and Fries Lunch With My Favorite Ham Friends

Amateur radio is a diverse hobby that has grown in scope and complexity since its inception over 100 years ago in 1912. Those first radio experimenters, cobbling together sets made from razor blades, safety pins and galena crystals started a hobby that we all enjoy today. At first it was code, tapping out one letter at a time, then voice on AM, after a while there was FM and soon SSB followed as well. Dont forget Slow Scan TV either. Now there is EME and amateur satellites just to name a few of recent additions to the amateurs list of accomplishments.

Amateur radio is such a broad field of study that by necessity we channel our efforts in particular areas that interest us. Our passion for all things amateur radio can also coexist with other interests as well. If those interests can be combined then it is indeed a double-treat. I like the comradery, the fellowship with other hams. Quite often that fellowship is only over long distances by means of the radio.

Here I combine my love of ham radio with other interests, cooking and foraging far-and-wide as that food guy for (thanks for the phrase, Alton) Good Eats. I get to know my fellow hams better and share their stories with you as well as try new places to get one of my favorite foods, the cheeseburger. And think about it, food at events like Field Day, has become an integral part of the amateur radio experience. Join with me as I seek out fellow hams so we can learn more about them, and enjoy a chat with a fellow HAM and enjoy a BURGER WITH FRIES.

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